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My name is Lyn Thompson - Giles 

I am a travel enthusiast who fully supports the #BlackGirlsTravel movement.  For a long time we only went on vacations to familiar locations year after year.  Thankfully, we are on the move now!  Women of ALL colors are eager to try new adventures and step out in unfamiliar settings .   There's a big world out there and I'm about seeing it!  I hope you want to come along too.

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Couples Trips

This is perhaps one of my favorite types of trips.  Only for two where both individuals receive equally what they desire out of this experience.  A couple can be in the traditional since, same sex, brothers, sisters, best friend, or parent/grandparent and child.   
We will discuss with both travelers  what is most important to accomplish during this adventure, and then weave each person's desires into their adventure.  There will be spas, risk adventure, down time on the beach, museum exploration, culinary vibes and the list continues.  I will help you from my contacts, develop activities to enhance your vacation.
Ladies on a cruise.jpeg
This is a carefree way to explore many distinct locations worldwide. You can cruise to a different city or country overnight.  Once you dock it's a short wait and you can explore the various shore excursions or remain on the ship to relax at the spa or enjoy the on board itinerary .  Cruises aren't just for seniors anymore. There are cruises for reunions, nature enthusiast, families, couples and singles.  The shows on board are "Broadway " production worthy.  There are activities from sun up to late into the evening.We can find the right cruise line for YOU! 

Groups or Solo Travel


Get your crew together and we can plan for your Sorority Line Anniversary, Bachelorette  Party or just want to be with forever friends!  It’s important to have an advisor who can help you to pull this all together for a common good time. 


Solo travel is in!!  Don’t wait to find the perfect time for everyone to go where you want to go.  Yes, it may be nice to have friends but if you’re tired of waiting, draw from your bucket list and we can begin seeing what’s out there.  We will plan your adventure with enjoyment and safety in mind. 


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